C.H.I. grilles offer a fast and safe operation in a wide range of different applications. They are flexible and easy to install and adapt to the architecture of your surroundings. The many design options of these doors make them an optimal solution for your openings.

CHI 9100 Side Folding Grilles and Closures

Offering the most resourceful way to secure an opening for almost any application, the 9100 Series side folding grilles and closures are designed in a variety of configurations to complement surrounding architecture and allow for greater flexibility. The 9100 series steel roll-up doors also allow for flexibility with narrow and wide body panels, changing the stack depth required and increasing design options.

CHI 9200 Easy Grilles and Closures

Pre-installed in its own storage pocket including pocket door, the 9200 roll-up door series offers a simple solution for storefronts and other applications. It installs quickly and can easily be adjusted on-site to fit your opening.

CHI 9300 serie Lift ready commercial coiling grille

The Series 9300 lift rolling steel doors have a revolutionary new design that reduces installation time without compromising security. They're equipped with the exclusive Smart- Lock System, which allows end users to engage the lock at a convenient height and then close the rolling steel door to the floor.